Landis Construction Co., LLC

Brennan’s Restaurant


For more than 60 years, Brennan’s Restaurant in New Orleans has maintained an almost mythical status as one of the nation’s great culinary landmarks. Every setting within the establishment honors a distinctive element of New Orleans’s traditions, history, and cultural influence. The 16,400 square foot wood and masonry-framed building was gutted and carefully restored to accommodate a different floor-plan. The project called for renovating the first two floors for dining, private parties, three new kitchens, and a wine room/storage space with a capacity of 15,000+ bottles, and the third floor for the restaurant’s business offices. Two elevators were installed, along with new plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems, and new plaster exterior and interior surfaces. Bathrooms were relocated, existing millwork restored, and a new grease trap was added.

The construction team installed trellis millwork in the Trellis Dining Room, marble toilet partitions, custom wood door and frames, and custom wood windows to match the original of the building. A Slimpact curtain wall system was installed between the courtyard and Trellis Dining Room. Also added were a custom copper top bar and blue stone and cement tile in the Royal Dining Rooms. With new ownership and the completion of a 14-month renovation, Brennan’s now has a new lease on life.

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