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Landis Announces New Leadership Team

Family company announces a new generation of construction excellence

New Orleans, October 1 – Marking the culmination of a five-year leadership-transition plan, Landis Construction introduces the senior executive team that will take the family company into its next chapter. At the helm, representing the third generation of Landises in the lead role, is Anne Teague Landis, Chief Executive Officer, who will lead strategy, administration and finance. Christian Generes, the company’s new President, has been with Landis Construction 13 years working closely with longtime EVP/COO Jim Lewis, and will be responsible for overall business-plan execution. Kyle Condon will serve as Chief Construction Officer and will focus on projects being built profitably, safely, on time and with high quality. Sarah Busch as Vice President of Operations will specialize in project launches, client experience and professional development programs. George Voss will continue as the company’s Senior Vice President of Purchasing, and Gary Melerine as General Superintendent. Jim Lewis will remain involved as an advisor, lending his significant experience and expertise.

To those familiar with the 59-year-old company, the mindful approach to its leadership succession comes as no surprise: Founded in 1956 by Fred S. Landis and then led by his son, longtime President and CEO Jim Landis, Landis Construction has as its motto “We build our business by building lasting relationships.” Accordingly, the company has invested years of careful planning, training and strategy into making sure the succession of the new leadership team is seamless for clients, subcontractors and business partners. Says Anne Teague Landis, “I feel incredibly honored to be taking the lead at Landis Construction, building on the heritage of my father and grandfather. Our transition has been slow and methodical which gives me great confidence in our team which is led by stellar executives. Relationships will continue to be the focal point of our business, and our business partners, subcontractors and staff have greeted our change with support and confidence. It has been a tremendous opportunity to work alongside my father, Jim Landis, to learn the business under his wing and with wonderful consultants to help envision the company’s exciting next chapter”

Jim Landis will transition to the role of Chairman, remaining involved in the business as a consulting advisor and an ongoing resource for senior staff. “I’m truly excited about the strong new leadership team at Landis. I’ve worked closely with each of them for a number of years and am extremely confident in their ability to continue the Company’s success with maintaining our values of integrity, respect and dependability that have made us successful in the past. I am obviously particularly pleased that my daughter, Anne Teague, will be the third generation of my family to lead our business.”

About the company:
Since its founding in 1956, Landis has expanded its ability to deliver quality buildings not only through construction itself but also by utilizing construction management and design-build concepts. Landis takes pride in delivering projects at a standard that exceeds the expectations of our clients. Today’s leaders emulate the integrity and values of the culture created by the company’s founder and family.

We build our business by building lasting relationships.

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