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The Punch List is a quarterly newsletter published by Landis Construction Co., LLC. Created in 1976 under the direction of Mrs. Evelyn Landis Christman, the widow of company founder Fred Landis. At the time, she was serving as the Chairman of the Board. The newsletter was originally created as an internal document and ‘morale booster’ for the company’s 60 employees. In that pre-email era, it was also a critical communication tool, linking Landis’ management to the employees.

By 2010, The Punch List’s focus and target audience had broadened to include a mailing list of more than 350 architects, developers, prospects and friends of Landis. The stories focused on key projects, innovative project delivery methods and industry trends. Not forgetting the company’s staff, a special insert focused on employees and internal issues was still included in the newsletter.

In response to employee feedback, the newsletter format was updated in 2011: The Punch List is now only for external communication and mailed via U.S. postal service on a quarterly basis. Landis’ 100 employees would have their own exclusive, semi-monthly publication: Landis Lagniappe.

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