Landis Construction Co., LLC

YAYA Arts Center

The YAYA Arts Center, located on LaSalle Street in Central City, now has their very own home. The timeline to complete this project was extremely fast-paced, but Landis was able to complete the project on-schedule and under budget. The schedule gave Landis five months from ground-up to completion for this community institute.

YAYA will serve as a community center with educational, social, and artistic resources primarily for area families, artists, and youth. The front building will serve as commercial space for art showings and administrative use, as well as the community center. The back building will primarily be utilized for glass blowing activities.

Landis has been a long-time supporter of YAYA, and has participated in their Professional Partnership program. The program includes financial support; joint team-building activities; and on-site training or summer internships. We helped build-out their previous rented space on Baronne Street, and we are ecstatic to be a part of their transition into their permanent residence.

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