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Landis Construction takes pride in its multi-faceted experience in the construction market. Our long-standing presence has allowed us to solidify relationships with the prime movers of the industry. Owners, architects, subcontractors and vendors look to Landis as a leader in the construction field. They are well aware of our Team Approach and are eager to work with us. These strong ties to the contracting community mean that all projects will be properly staffed, and the manpower needed for on-time completion will be available.

Our firm offers a broad base of services to meet specific project requirements. We are familiar with and experienced in various Project Delivery Systems, including General Contracting, Construction Management and Design-Build. Whether we are brought in during the planning stage or in subsequent phases, our services are invaluable to your project. Our services are defined not only by our expertise and experience but also by our ability to integrate these attributes into a cohesive network. At Landis, we look beyond the confines of a particular discipline or phase to see the project as a whole, always keeping your interest in the forefront.


Our Preconstruction Services approach is a proactive one, designed to seek out potential problems and offer solutions while the project is in its most flexible stage — on paper. Our dedicated, in-house Preconstruction Services team is staffed to maximize project cost-effectiveness with thorough value engineering analysis and estimating supported by a computerized cost data bank. Our scheduling system is initiated on day one and drives all of our projects.

During the preconstruction phase, collaboration is critical to ensure the strength of the project plan. This includes working closely with the client to identify the priorities of the project and determine the core needs. We then use that knowledge to work with the owner, architect and other consultants to bring in innovative ideas to maximize value without eroding the program.


Unlike general contractors who rely solely on subcontractors, Landis provides added value through our ability to act also as builders. Our ability to self-perform results in a comprehensive understanding of the work, efficient scheduling, time and cost savings, quality control, and enhanced safety standards. It is our philosophy to evaluate each individual project and client to determine the best approach for each unique situation. Landis has the internal capabilities of self-performing many classifications of work, which allows us to offer clients the expertise of a true builder on every project.


Landis stays on top of continually evolving technologies by participating in user groups and attending conferences. We encourage employees with a knack for technology to explore new offerings and try them out. This is showcased through our fluency of BIM technology, a problem-solving tool that communicates a plan to construct buildings more effectively.

For incorporation of BIM into our projects, Landis has partnered with firms that specialize exclusively in that technology. Our project team works closely with them to accomplish coordination and clash detection, freeing the team of the need to be the technicians, and leaving them free to problem solve and drive the project forward. Through our utilization of BIM software, Landis guarantees maximum efficiency and collaboration with each project.


CMaR projects require a specific and deliberate management approach beginning with the preconstruction effort and lasting all the way through construction. The CMaR approach is founded in creative thinking/problem solving, collaboration and nimbleness. Landis is not only exceedingly comfortable and experienced with this approach, but has also brought great success to many clients through our ability to organize and execute in this arena. Working hand-in-hand with the design team and ownership, we utilize input and feedback from our subcontractor market to shepherd the project through value engineering exercises, sequencing and logistics planning – always with the client’s end goals in mind.

With CMaR, Landis acts as a design and development consultant and then as a general contractor throughout the construction process. Landis is selected early in the design phase and works closely with your architect to examine alternate materials, systems, and equipment for cost, quality and availability. We then perform constructability reviews and offer value engineering suggestions. This early coordination fosters collaboration and focuses the entire team on finding the best solutions for your construction project.


A new construction project is, in theory, straightforward, but each process is unique and comes with its own set of challenges and hurdles depending on the size and complexity. At Landis, we take plans and blueprints and turn them into schools, hospitals, warehouses, office buildings, churches, residential living, hotels and more. As your general contractor, we work with you to meet deadlines, budgets, and above all, provide you with an experience above your expectations.


For more than six decades, we have been a reliable and trustworthy general construction partner to companies of all different sizes and industries, most notably, through our ability to transform old and historic buildings. We are the leading renovation firm in New Orleans, with the most knowledge and experience transforming, salvaging, and repurposing existing and historic structures. Some of the most fascinating spaces throughout the city have been revitalized through our expertise and the assistance of our trade partners. Many of these projects have been made possible through tax credits and other incentive programs, which we are uniquely equipped to navigate.


Through the Design-Build method, the owner can mitigate risk by having a single-source partner responsible for aspects of the design and construction of their project. The plan to oversee and manage the design team is done through collaboration and accountability. Our approach to every project is to create this type of environment when planning and executing the work. Landis offers unparalleled efficiencies with these types of projects through streamlined communication and accountability, which result in rapid delivery, collaboration, and cost savings. This approach has resulted in the formation of trusted and lasting relationships with owners.

Landis frequently uses Design-Build and Design-Assist approaches in tandem. Design-Assist proposals often include some element of the Design-Build delivery method. Through Design-Assist, Landis collaborates with the architect or engineer during the design phase, leveraging the strengths and expertise of key trade contractors through a highly-integrated approach. Design-Assist offers a different level of design influence and independent contractual relationships with the designer and contractor.


Since our founding more than six decades ago, Landis has been the reliable general construction partner to companies of all different sizes and industries throughout Southeast Louisiana. From the initial project plans and blueprints, all the way through to the completion of the final product, as your general contractor, we remain in constant communication to meet deadlines, budgets and, above all, provide you with an experience that results in long-term relationships.

As a general contractor, we seek out and assemble the very best team for each individual project from our extensive network of experienced and skilled construction professionals. We are constantly engaged and active in the hard bid market, which allows us to stay competitive and relevant, establish new subcontractor and vendor relationships, and find new clients and architects.


One of the most frequent questions we receive from potential clients relates to the size of our projects and what we will take on. While we have completed a plethora of large, multi-million dollar projects, we pride ourselves on our ability to take on a variety of smaller projects as a service to the community and our client-base. We have an abundance of field staff, capacity, and resources, and ability to self-perform. This allows us to not only take on these smaller projects, but also apply the same standards of quality and attention to detail as their larger counterparts.


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